In the heart of Res Publica Romana are the Roman projects we work with, support and endorse. All our Cives Romani (full citizens) have an option to pay their annual tax (membership fee) by submitting a Roman project to be included here. Res Publica Romana also works in collaboration with other Roman organisations by organising joint projects with them and promoting their projects here. With this practical, down to earth, approach Res Publica Romana wants to make its contribution for the research, preservation and reinvigorating the Roman culture.

If you want your project to be promoted here, please contact us!

Res Publica Romana Official Calendar and other RPR merchandise - Taberna Curii

A beautiful poster-size wall calendar that includes Roman dates with ancient Roman festivals marked in the calendar. From the RPR webshop, Taberna Curii, you can also find other RPR products such as mugs and clothing. Read more.

Signa Romanorum

Signa Romanorum, the signs of the Romans, what they left us for a perpetuing memory of their virtues and abilities. This project has the goal to discover what and how many evidences still exist, in this hard task to classify these signs in all the corners of what once was the empire of Rome. Project lists Roman aqueducts, amphitheaters, arches, circuses, columns, buildings, mausoleums, walls bridges, gates, roads, theaters, temples and baths from Roman era. Read more.

Vox populi - learn Latin through modern conversations
The e-book that teaches Latin like a modern language. Enjoy the story of college students Annika, Cordus, Astur, and Hortensia as they order pizza, study, play computer games, and go to parties. Use it to make the leap to orality in Latin. Read more.

Nobilitas - Roman nobility at the end of republic

Nobilitas is a research and publication project about the most important Roman noble families between the years 150 - 50 BCE. The project currently publishes a blog about Roman noble families.