We the citizens of Res Publica Romana aim to build our Res Publica as a civitas (commonwealth of members/ citizens) that in itself makes the Roman republic alive again on a non-territorial level and thus revives the Roman culture in all its aspects.


Republican Rome-today: a modern synthesis.

We of Res Publica Romana are modern Romans living our lives according to the values, ethics, culture of the Republic of ancient Rome. We exemplify the best of the past, updated to today's world.

We are a community spread all over the world, joined in a Roman Commonwealth by our common vision of Romanitas.

It is Rome that inspires and directs us in our daily lives: whether we are speaking Latin, engaging in philosophy, building temples to the gods, embodying Roman values of courage, friendship, loyalty and devotion to duty.

As students, scientists, teachers, soldiers, politicians, parents, children, we honour and live the Roman virtues which made Roma Antiqua flourish.
Venite; join us and live a life of Romanitas!

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to both theoretically and practically work for Romanitas and to support worship and veneration of the ancestor spirits and gods of Rome.
  • To work to reinstate Roman virtues culture and community
  • To make Roman history come alive through work with living history
  • To arrange worship and rituals for the Roman ancestor spirits and gods
  • To support research of Roman history and associated archaeological work
  • To produce musical, dramatic, pedagogic, cinematic and literary Roman works
  • To integrate music, theatre, films and other cultural expressions in the other activities of the Association
  • To promote an international, national and local perspective on the activities of the Association
  • To engage women, men, youths and children from all cultures all over the world in the purposes of the Association
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Res Pvblica Romana Forvm

 The Forum Romanum   Source :  from a book of Anna Maria Liberati and Fabio Bourbon






Our Legal Documents

The highest authority is the Charter. Here you can see how the Res Publica Romana is governed.

Res Publica 

Our Governance

Our governance and internal organization is based on that of the late Roman republic. 


Citizenship files

Read our "Code of Behavior".

Cultus Deorum

The "religion" of Rome, the Cultus Deorum, was closely tied to government of the state and to the daily lives of the people. 

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